Our Games

Hi there, thanks for taking the time to visit the Dream Games Studio official store. We are a very small games company that have over the last ten years developed a number of web browser games.

You may have come directly from one of those but may not know of the others, so here are a few links and a brief overview :

Core Exiles : LINK

A Space Sci-fi browser game that has been going for over Ten years now. A non PVP game where you take the part of a captain cast out into the deep with just a small ship and your wits to guide you.

Over time the game has grown and grown with enough to keep you busy for many many years.

Transporter Tycoon : LINK

Build up your Transport network, and aim to top the leader board. Transporter Tycoon does not reset every few weeks, so investing your time here will not go to waste. You gain your income through the purchase of a range of vehicles and ships, then select loads, and move goods (or passengers) around the fictional counties of Coveshire and Lakeshire (and surrounding waterways).

Forged Space : LINK

Forged Space is a role playing PVP game with a sci-fi theme. Level up your character by committing crimes, mugging and attacking other players, and taking part in the other activities available. Upgrade your cybernetics to improve your stats and increase your success rates in crimes and attacks.

Project Terran : LINK

Project Terran is another space based Sci-fi browser game aimed at people who like their games to last! Set in a full story driven time-line you work to build a career spanning up to Six characters if you so wish under one account.

Project Terran is persistent with Zero wipes or resets. Currently we are still in Early Open Beta, but this means that not only do you get in on the ground floor but you don’t have to be worried about those pesky resets or wipes.