Terms & Conditions

Delivery Time Scales

Whilst we endeavour to add your purchase as quickly as we can, we ask that you give us up to 12 hours before chasing a purchase.  We work UK GMT office hours (9.00am – 8.00pm). Items purchased outside these times will be processed the following morning.

Generally speaking items purchased during UK working hours will be processed within 30 minutes.

Payment Methods

We use Paypal. Please note that you do not need to be a member of paypal to use their credit card facilities. Most payments made through paypal will be received by us in a few minutes.

Payments made by Paypal Cheque or via paypal E-Cheque may take a week to ten days to clear your bank. We will NOT deliver the goods until the payment has cleared paypal. Please bear this in mind when purchasing!

Returning Claims

Items purchased and added to an account are bound to that account at the time of sale. Items are non refundable and cannot be reclaimed if the account is terminated either by the user or for inactivity.


All items purchased are ‘virtual’ and are transferred to your account by a member of staff once your payment has been verified. Once an item is added to your account it cannot be returned/refunded. Therefore please ensure you purchase the correct item as refunds are not obtainable unless due to a server error.